Do You Tip Raymour and Flanigan Delivery: Complete Guide

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Established in 1947 and with 5,000 employees and an annual turnover of $1.2b, Raymour and Flanigan is one of the most popular bespoke furniture stores in the US.

If you’ve ordered some furniture from there or are planning on doing so, then you may be wondering whether you need to tip the delivery driver.

In this article, we cover what the etiquette is for tipping your Raymour and Flanigan furniture delivery guy.

We’ll look at what the custom is for tipping within the profession, what you should tip, how much furniture delivery drivers earn, and the cost of delivery from Raymour and Flanigan so you can make an informed choice.

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Do You Tip Raymour and Flanigan Furniture Delivery? The Short Answer

It is common etiquette to tip furniture delivery guys and there is no exception for Raymour and Flanigan delivery. Delivery drivers earn below-average salaries and therefore tipping them is warranted to boost their income. $5 – $20 or 10 – 20% of the delivery cost should suffice.

How Much Do Raymour and Flanigan Delivery Drivers Earn?

As you will be aware, workers within some industries rely on tips to get by.

They simply wouldn’t be able to manage without them as we found when we looked at whether to tip Dominos delivery guys.

When deciding whether to tip, a good place to start is by looking at what a worker earns so you can decide whether that income needs to be supplemented.

We’ve done some digging and found that Raymour and Flanigan Delivery drivers earn $40,255 per year on average according to

This is actually a fairly respectable yearly income within the industry, especially when compared to the salaries of drivers at their competitors such as Bob’s Furniture who pay only $32,000 – $33,000 (some $7000 less).

According to Zippia, the average yearly income in the US is $47,520 so $7000 above the salary paid to Raymour and Flanigan drivers.

So while Raymour and Flanigan drivers don’t quite earn the US average yearly salary, they’re not far off and with tips, they probably earn close to that average figure.

On that basis, you might consider that tipping your delivery driver is worth it as it will help boost their earnings to the US average. On the flip side, you might decide that they are already receiving adequate remuneration already.

How Much Does Delivery Cost from Raymour and Flanigan

Another key factor when deciding whether to tip is how much the delivery will cost you.

Tips in the US are often paid around 10 – 20% of the sale value of the product or service you’re purchasing.

We looked into the cost of delivery at Raymour and Flanigan and it doesn’t come cheap.

For example, the delivery of one dining room chair was $84.

The delivery of a bed was a whopping $175.

This is in stark contrast to other similar companies like Living Spaces which offer free delivery on all their goods.

How Much to Tip Raymour and Flanigan

If you apply the standard 10 – 20% tip to the above delivery costs then you’d be looking at around $10 – $20 for the chair and $20 – $40 for the bed.

Given the extortionate price of delivery, you may consider that a fixed tip of, say, $5 – $20 is more appropriate and this is still likely to be well received by the driver.

We always advise against tipping less than $5 as this does look fairly stingy and will normally fall below the standard 10 – 20% figure.

Are Raymour and Flanigan Drivers Permitted to Accept Tips?

We have checked to see if we can find a specific company policy about their drivers accepting tips but did not find anything to suggest they are debarred.

Some companies debar their employees from receiving tips as part of their company policy but we have seen nothing to suggest that this applies to R&F furniture delivery drivers.

Indeed, it is common for such drivers to receive tips so it would be unusual for a company to restrict or prevent the receipt of tips.

Best Way to Tip Raymour and Flanigan Driver

We suggest that you pay any tip in cash, rather than by card or check.

We couldn’t find a facility to pay a tip at the Raymour and Flanigan online checkout like some stores provide so cash is the easiest option.

Paying in cash after the delivery will ensure that:

  • The driver gets the tip and not the company;
  • You can determine whether to tip and how much after your goods have been delivered successfully;
  • You still have the option to withhold a tip if you’re not satisfied with the service.

When’s Best to Tip and Best to Withhold One?

We love rewarding exceptional service and we’d recommend either increasing your tip or tipping if you previously weren’t going to if:

  • The driver does more than necessary. For example, taking your delivery upstairs for you or somewhere else inconvenient;
  • The driver is professional, courteous, and provides excellent service;
  • Around the public holidays;
  • If he/she has come in inclement weather.

We recommend not tipping if:

  • The delivery is late or at the wrong time;
  • The delivery is made to the wrong address;
  • The goods are damaged;
  • The driving is rude, impolite, or unprofessional.

Final Thoughts

While there are no definitive rules when it comes to tipping Raymour and Flanigan, it is usually common to tip delivery drivers and we see no reason to depart from that here.

R&F drivers do receive a fairly good salary so some may determine they are less needing than other drivers but they still earn slightly below the average wage in the US.

If you are going to tip then we’d propose the usual 10-20% or a fixed amount of $5 – $20.

However, delivery at R&F is not precisely cheap so remember to include a sum for your tip within your budget.

There will, of course, be times when you might want to increase your tip and it’s important to remember that furniture delivery is a hard manual job with a lot of lifting so we think most drivers will deserve a little extra, especially if they’ve carried out their duties well and have met your expectations.

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