Do You Tip Party Rental Delivery? Full Guide

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If you’re arranging a party and have contracted a party rental company to rent you some party equipment for your big event, you might be wondering whether you need to tip the rental delivery guys.

According to Ibis statistics, party rental is a huge, ever-growing business in the USA, said to be worth over $5.5b in 2022.

Some of the big players in the market include:

  • Party Rental Limited
  • Classic Party Rentals
  • Regal Rentals
  • HSS Rentx special events
  • Broadway Famous Party Rental
  • Stamford Tent and Party Rental
  • Hall’s Rental Services

Just to name a few.

If you’re ordering party rental equipment from any of these big players, or any other company, and are interested in tipping etiquette, this article has got your back.

We cover tipping customs in the industry, what party rental employees earn, the average cost of party rental, and other important factors to help you decide.

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Do You Tip Party Rental? The Short Answer

There are no hard or fast rules when tipping party rentals but many people tend to offer a tip of 10-20% of the bill for the delivery and set up or, say, $10 – $30 for just delivery. However, it’s important to check the bill to ensure a tip isn’t included as sometimes one will be added upon sale.

We’ve covered more about this below.

How Much Do Party Rental Employees Earn?

One key factor you may think is relevant is what party rental employees earn.

Most people are familiar with the idea that workers are expected to subsidize their income with tips in some industries – for example, this is the general position in catering and when tipping in coffee shops.

But what about in the party rental business?

According, to : Indeed the hourly rates for various workers at the popular party rental company, A Classic Party Rental, are as follows.

As you will note, these hourly rates are around minimum wage or just above, with all of these equating to less than $30,000 per year on the basis of a 40-hour work week.

This is well below the average yearly salary in the USA which, according to Indeed, stands at $51,168.

On that basis, tipping is warranted for party rental employees as they will likely rely on tips to supplement their income.

This is in fact a similar service to caterers whom we found you should also tip given their fairly modest salaries and the general etiquette within that business.

How Much Are Party Rental Costs?

Another important consideration when deciding whether and how much to tip party rental is how much the service is likely to cost.

Calculating an exact figure is fairly difficult to do because it will depend on how many attendees you plan on having.

Most companies charge out per item of equipment.

For example, according to All Occasion Rentals’ price list expect to pay:

  • $0.99 – $50 for a chair
  • $18 – $120 for a table
  • $1 – $20 for table linens
  • $0.40 – $1 for plate
  • $0.40 – $1.10 per item of cutlery

All this can soon add up.

However, the average rental cost for a wedding according to is $425 – $1000.

Accordingly, if you do wish to tip on the basis of the cost of your rental, then using the 10-20% figure, you’re likely to be spending $40 – $200 on your tip.

This could increase dramatically if your party rental order exceeds the average cost.

This is quite a lot of money so you may prefer to give a fixed amount, especially if it’s only delivery and not setup you’re receiving.

Are Tips Included In Party Rental Costs?

This will very much depend on the company you use.

Some companies apply a gratuity within the bill which is specifically used for tipping staff.

As this varies between companies, it’s best to check with the company you use, otherwise, you could end up inadvertently doubling your tip – never good for the wallet.

Bear in mind that some companies include a service charge but this isn’t always used for tipping and you may be expected to tip in addition.

When to Tip Your Party Rental More or Not Tip at All?

There will be times when you will want to be more generous with your tipping etiquette and we’d propose the following examples of when that might be:

  • If the service has been provided on time and your order is complete;
  • If the setup is done professionally, efficiently, and with good care and skill;
  • If the staff are professional and courteous;
  • At big events such as weddings;
  • If you’ve received a good deal compared to the market rate;
  • Around the holidays.

You may also decide to hold a tip back if the following apply:

  • If the service was poor (i.e. setup performed incorrectly, missing items, or inefficient);
  • If the staff were rude or discourteous;
  • If your delivery was late;
  • If a tip is already included within the price (it’s important to check this when you order).

Final Thoughts

While there is no rule book when it comes to tipping party rentals, our research indicates that staff who work for these companies are usually paid poorly so tips are always welcome.

If you are looking to tip then 10-20% of the bill is acceptable or a fixed amount if it’s just delivery without setup.

However, it’s important to check with the company what they expect before you dip into your pocket.

You can also check your terms of sale or contract if you have one as this will usually contain information that might not be obvious to you.

Some companies already account for tips within the price, some don’t.

Of course, don’t always feel obliged to tip – you’re perfectly justified in withholding a tip if the service is poor or your order is incorrect.

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