5 Awesome Courses to Make a Full Time Income From Home

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It can be an absolute minefield when you’re looking for a new job or new business opportunity to pursue from home.

The great thing is there are now numerous courses you can take online from people who have made working from home their career and are making thousands of dollars a month and teaching others to do the same.

Amazingly, some of these courses also offer free introductory tutorials so you can get a taste as to whether you like the work before you dive in.

If you’re looking for a work from home opportunity then you’re in luck as I’ve found some of the best courses on the internet that you can jump into and hopefully kick start your new career in no time.

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1. Work as a Proofreader

Caitlin Pyle has made a full time career working from home as a Proofreader.

Proofreaders basically analyse written text to spot errors in grammar, spelling and syntax to amend those errors ready for the final draft of the document. The average salary is up to $60,000 per year which is well above the US average.

You’ll be proofreading court documents, essays, contracts and even blog posts.

Caitlin made $43,000 dollars in her first year proofreading and to teach you how to do the same she’s made a free course that you can enrol in to do the same.

  • You’ll develop an eye for detail and an analytic approach to work;
  • You’ll improve your written English skills and develop a better understanding of punctuation, grammar, syntax and vocabulary;
  • You’ll learn how to work independently.

How to become a Proofreader

You can find proofreading jobs here:-

2. Transcriptionist

A transcriptionist types up words into written documents from pre-recorded audio.

A lot of transcription work is done in the medical and legal industries.

I am a lawyer by profession and I often have to order transcripts of court hearings when a case goes to the appeal courts.

When I make the order for the transcript, a transcriber will take the court’s audio recording and type it into a document to be used in the appeal.

To dothe job, you’ll need to be fairly fast, consistent and accurate at typing and be able to listen attentively to audible communication.

The average medical transcriptionist’s salary according to GlassDoor is $24,857.00:-

The great thing is, working as a transcriptionist can be done completely at home and there’s a big demand for the work.

You can learn how to be a transcriptionist with Transcribe Anywhere, which is course put together by professional transcriptionist, Janet Shaughnessy.

The first part of the course is completely free so you can see if transcribing is for you!

What one student had to say about Transcribe Anywhere

3. Scopist

Scopists edit transcripts that are made in Court proceedings for court reporters.

Scopists don’t have to go to Court and the work can be done completely from the comfort of your own home.

Scopist can earn anything up to $60,000.00 working full time so it provides a great high income opportunity.

If you’re interested you just check out the course by Linda Evanson who has made a career from scoping and showing others how to do it.

You can check her course out here:

4. Book Keeper

If you’ve got a knack for numbers and figures, then why not become a book keeper.

Book keepers can earn up to $60 per hour from home. You’ll basically be responsible for looking after the accounts of small businesses.

This job does take a level of knowledge and skill but luckily there’s a few courses out there to get you started.

If you’re interest in book keeping then I would strongly recommend Ben Robinson’s course, Bookkeeper Business Launch, which comes well recommended from Entrepreneur, the Penny Hoarder and Inc.

Ben offers an initial free trial which includes a few initial training videos so you can better understand the life and work of a book keeper.

5. Start a Blog

Blogging is an awesome way to make money from home.

I couldn’t believe it when I realised how much money some bloggers were making. It literally blew my mind when I found out people like Michelle Schroeder were making $100k a month blogging.

Check out Michelle’s free online course here

Blogging is a very cheap business to set up too.

You can set up a blog for a cheap as $3.95 a month just by clicking the “get started” button below.

Let’s look at what some top bloggers are earning:-

  • Ryan Robinson at RyRob.com – $50k+ a month
  • John Morrow at SmartBlogger – $100k+ a month
  • Michelle at Making Sense of Cents – $100k+ a month
  • Alex and Lauren at Create and Go/Avocadu – $100k+ a month
  • Tim Sykes at TimothySykes.com – $1m+ a month

You can read my 5000 word article on how to start a blog here and get started today:-

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