Tips for Making Extra Money as a Stay at Home Parent

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Welcome to another instalment of our guest post series where we invite budding entrepreneurs, personal finance bloggers and other online friends to share their thoughts on all things personal finance.

Today, I am super stoked to welcome Gwen from the blog, The Invisible Moms, who has written a piece on how stay at home parents can make money at home. Over to you Gwen….

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If you are like millions of other Americans right now, you could use some extra money in the bank.

And if you are a stay-at-home parent, you know the challenges that come with balancing work and home life.

Fortunately, however, we live in a time where work-from-home opportunities abound.

And if you look at the right places for advice, explore all of your options, and come at it with the right approach, you can boost your income without compromising your ability to parent.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind along the way.

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Open an E-Commerce Store

From customer service, to online tutoring, from website testing to pet sitting, work-from-home opportunities for parents are plentiful and wide-ranging.

Perhaps one of the best overall opportunities, however, is e-commerce. The trend of online sales has been rising for years.

In 2020, the pandemic has caused these trends to rise even more dramatically.

If you love to craft things or you are gifted at selling products, opening an e-commerce business out of your home could be ideal.

Another thing to consider is drop shipping.

With a drop shipping business, you would need no physical inventory, which could save you a lot of space and stress at home. In the simplest terms, drop shipping means that you sell an item to a customer, place an order for that item from the supplier, and ship it directly to the customer from the supplier.

For more advice and resources concerning e-commerce and many other job topics, be sure to consult reliable online sources like this blog.

Here is a post on Green in Black and White on how to set up a Shopify e-commerce business.

Become a Proofreader

Proofreading is where you are employed by publishers to check through written content checking for any spelling, grammar, punctuation or structural errors.

You might be working for bloggers, magazine editors, newspapers – literally any sort of publishing establishment!

Proofreading is a fantastic option for any stay at home parent for a few reasons!

Not only is it potentially very lucrative, it is also very accessible with no qualifications needed to start.

It really is a job for anyone!

Provided you’ve got a fairly good grasp of the English language then it’s a side hustle, or even full time job, that’s definitely worth exploring!

Proofreading guru, Caitlin Pyle, set up her own proofreading business in around 2013 and made $43,000 in her first year working part-time!

She has now turned proofreading into a $2m per year business. Amazing!

Caitlin has created a course “Proofread Anywhere” which teaches you:-

  • How to proofread properly
  • How to set up a proofreading business
  • How to get clients
  • How to market your proofreading business

I love this course because Caitlin offers a free 76 minute workshop meaning you can test the waters, see if proofreading is for you, and then enroll in her full course if you want to learn more.

Just click the button below and then click “Save Me a Seat” on her website to join the free workshop!

Look at Freelance Options

Becoming a freelancer is another opportunity for making money from home. And there is demand in the freelance market for almost any industry you can think of.

For example, if you have experience in writing, web development, customer service, IT, or one of many other fields, you should be able to find projects that allow you to work from home on your own terms.

To build your brand and make a name for yourself quickly, make sure that you are well-practiced in your field and that you can market yourself to potential clients. And turn to online job boards that cater to freelancers to find clients who are looking for qualified candidates.

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Structure Your Days

No matter what kind of work you do from home, it’s essential that you figure out how to structure your day so that you can be productive.

If you have children at home, especially ones who are navigating online learning, you will need to develop a solid routine for your workday.

Also, you will need to set boundaries with your family so that they know when it’s work time.

Find what works best for you, whether that means working early mornings, late night, working a couple hours during the day, and/or following any other schedule that helps you get your work done while also being an attentive parent and fulfilling any necessary household duties.

Get Equipped

Finally, equip yourself for success. Make sure that you have a home office or workspace that helps you to separate your work and home life so that you can stay productive.

Invest in any equipment that you need in order to work comfortably on a day-to-day basis.

And look into the variety of tools and software available that can help you work more efficiently.

As a stay-at-home parent who needs to earn some extra income, you live in the right time.

Remember the benefits of starting an e-commerce business and/or becoming a freelancer, and do some further research to determine whether one of these would be a good fit for your lifestyle.

If not, then keep looking for other work-from-home opportunities and ideas until you find something that interests you.

And be sure to come up with an effective work routine and set yourself up for success.

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