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Green in black and white. Finance and money making blog!

Hi there – thanks for dropping by.

I’m Oliver – that’s me above with my partner, Cat.

We live in sunny England with our 3 year old daughter!

In April 2019, I started to look for online opportunities to supplement my income from working as lawyer in the day.

I’ve always loved side hustling and had been making extra money with affiliate marketing for many years before I started this blog!

I also love saving and being sensible with the money I earn.

I have worked as a personal injury lawyer for the last 10 years where I help seriously injured people secure damages so they can get their lives back on track!

I have helped clients achieve settlements of well in excess of $1m!

Given these passions/interests, I just knew that if was going to start a blog, it would need to be about money in some way and therefore personal finance seemed like the natural niche to choose!

I didn’t really know anything about blogging and initially I just wanted a website to post some affiliate links with the hope it would gain some traction.

When I started, I made all the classic blogging mistakes like choosing the wrong platform to blog on(I went with Wix instead of WordPress)!

However, to my surprise, within 6 months of setting up this blog and after many days/nights of sheer frustration and hard work, I managed to see some results!

The key to blogging is to attract enough readership. Without eyes on your content, all that hard work is for nothing.

Thankfully for me by November 2019, the hard work really started to pay off and I was up to nearly 100k monthly page views:-

This was a massive deal for me as it meant I could apply for the premium ad network Mediavine, which meant I could now make a good passive income from displaying ads on my blog.

With Mediavine it meant I could earn around $1000+ per month from my blog just from ads alone!

So, if you’re thinking about starting a blog or have started one but aren’t seeing results, then do not threat. Blogging takes time and persistence!

I didn’t start with any specialist knowledge about blogging and as I’ve already said, I knew nothing about blogging when I first started!

But one thing I do have, is a good engine! I’m not frightened of hard work and that counts for a lot when making money online!

Money isn’t everything, but freedom certainly is, and having money is the golden ticket to achieving that freedom so you can live life on your own terms. Whether you’re looking for your next side hustle, a new job or tips on how to budget properly, my mission is to help you achieve your financial goals!

Mission Statement

So, that takes me to my mission statement as to what I want to achieve from this blog and how I hope to make it a success:-
  • Quality and Thorough Content: I want to provide the best and most thorough content out there. For that reason you won’t find any content on my blog that’s less than 1000 words. This is going to be hard work but I’m going for it anyway – aim high, shoot high as they say!;
  • Transparency: I can’t stand disingenuous, duplicitous, scamming charlatans on the web! For this reason, I aim to write everything with as much honesty and integrity as I can. Even if I have not tried a product I am reviewing, or a method of making money, I will always try my up most to ensure what I post is an accurate reflection of the reality and is as well researched as possible. If I get anything wrong – just leave a comment to let me know!
  • Value: I want my blog to provide as much value as possible. I want the reader to feel fully informed and a lot more knowledgeable after reading my posts. If my readers feel glad they found my page, I’ll be a happy man!

I hope that’s given you an insight into what this blog is about and who I am. I really hope you enjoy my content. I am always open to feedback, even if it’s negative, so please message me!

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David Woutersen
1 year ago

Hi there …,
I’ve included the dots as I can’t seem to find your name. Call me old fashioned, but I like to start things off with a name. ?

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