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Green in black and white. Finance and money making blog!

Welcome to my finance and make money blog! I’m glad you’ve found me. Especially if you’ve come organically as that means my SEO is working! About time!

That’s me in the photo with my girlfriend. Everyone tells me I’m punching? I’ll let you decide in the comments (be kind!!!).

So, I live in the UK. I’ve just turned 34. I work full time in the legal sector.

Why blogging?

It’s undeniable – the finance and money making blog niche is really saturated.

But there’s one thing I’ve noticed – a lot of the content out there lacks detail!

I’ve lost count of the times when researching this niche when the information I wanted, just wasn’t available, or at least not in sufficient detail.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there’s some amazing and thorough finance bloggers out there (I salute you), but I am hoping there’s room for me to bring something else to the table.

The vast majority of people these days start a blog to make money. Who’d blame them?

My mindset is that I don’t want making money to be my number one priority for my blog.

At least not at first!

It’s clear from a lot of the blogs I’ve read that many bloggers are fixated on making money, but at the expense of quality content! This can never be the right approach in my eyes!

In my experience, after the hard work, money, or at least the opportunity to make it, tends to come along fairly effortlessly when you’ve provided that key ingredient – value! If your work is valued by others and it’s in demand, you can make money from it! So that’s what I intend to do, first and foremost.

I am desperate to help people make money online. However, and you’ve probably heard this a million times before, but …. there is no free ride when it comes to making money online, or anywhere else for that matter (although, the closest thing to a “free ride” is probably matched betting as that is ridiculously easy to make money with!).

Pretty much all the ways I have found to make good money online, require tireless hard work. Forget the “get rich quick” schemes. 99% percent of the time they are based on unattainable bullshit!

Mission Statement

So, that takes me to my mission statement as to what I want to achieve from this blog and how I hope to make it a success:-

  • Quality and Thorough Content: I want to provide the best and most thorough content out there. For that reason you won’t find any content on my blog that’s less than 1000 words. This is going to be hard work but I’m going for it anyway – aim high, shoot high as they say!;
  • Transparency: I can’t stand disingenuous, duplicitous, scamming charlatans on the web! For this reason, I aim to write everything with as much honesty and integrity as I can. Even if I have not tried a product I am reviewing, or a method of making money, I will always try my up most to ensure what I post is an accurate reflection of the reality and is as well researched as possible. If I get anything wrong – just leave a comment to let me know!
  • Value: I want my blog to provide as much value as possible. I want the reader to feel fully informed and a lot more knowledgeable after reading my posts. If my readers feel glad they found my page, I’ll be a happy man!

I hope that’s given you an insight into what this blog is about and who I am. I really hope you enjoy my content. I am always open to feedback, even if it’s negative, so please message me!

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David Woutersen
8 months ago

Hi there …,
I’ve included the dots as I can’t seem to find your name. Call me old fashioned, but I like to start things off with a name. ?

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